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By joining up and becoming a Member of Ryantunes, I will endeavor to ensure your entertainment investment is worthwhile.

Members have full access to the online albums at the website. Currently there is one-"Good Day Risin" but that will grow every year. Besides the MP3's, each song contains a full description-from the background, to the instruments used and more.

Members also have full access to the Creative Depot series where I do videos that cover everything from songwriting, to studio recording, and everything (and there is a lot!) in between.

Ryantunes has joined with Wix Payments in order to make Member subscriptions safe, seamless and easy to do. All major credit cards are accepted, and unlike some sites there is no 3rd party financial step. This means that regardless of the payment method, when you purchase a plan, you remain on the Ryantunes website-no re-direction to a separate party for payment.

Pricing is as follows (/month in CAD), minimum 3 months:

3 months at $5/month
6 months at $4.00/month
12 months at $3.50/month
24 months at $2.25/month

Click HERE to sign up now

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