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(A Good Day Risin' Album,  Alphabetical Listing)

A Good Day Risin’

  1. In our house on the street… in our dusty little town
    Grandpa, he took me on his knee
    He said ‘son in this life, they’ll be good times and some bad’
    I’ve always let the good ones carry me.


   2. This was his advice … always looking for the light
       Keeping careful watch upon the heart
       I’ve summoned it before …. when trouble’s at the door
       Every time the world was turning dark.



    3.   Looks like the sun is shining down on me
           Looks like the storm has up and gone
           The road ahead is clear. No obstacles I see
           As I go along my way, no big surprises.                      
           Looks like a good day’s a  risin’.

    4.   In our house on the street … lost in the city lights
           Seems like there’s good times and some bad
           Depends on what you see ….things that you believe
           I remember Grandpa’s talk and what he said.



Another Wine

  1. There she sits beside a window
    Watching traffic rushing by
    All seems fine in Sarah’s world
    She takes another sip of wine.


    2. She wonders how she ever got here
       A business darling, always in charge
       “Bitcoin Angel”. Queen of money
       Deep inside, she’s falling hard

CHO  College friends called her superstar
“A”     She’d flash that smile, break another heart
           You can’t rewind a broken past
           So now this bottle’s… the only friend she has.

    3. She lets her mind, begin to wander

        To those days running with her crowd
        She ignored them. Then she lost them
        She was climbing, let them down.


    4.  “Life is Good” - her new best-seller
         So why this ache? Is it a passing trend?
         Thousands love her, get rich off her
         You can’t make up… for abandoned friends

CHO   College friends called her superstar
“B”      Now suddenly she’s come apart
           No relief in sight, so she’s now inclined
           To settle for … another sip of wine



Dixie, I Call It Home


1.        If God picked up a painter’s brush
           And looked down from on high,          
           When He found the perfect canvass down below.
           It would be just like a Georgia night,
           Awash in starlit fields,
           Beneath a silver moon, movin’ slow.

CHO   You can feel it in the cotton-fields, in the cities and the towns.
           And by the clear blue streams, where cool water rushes down.
           That feel is so familiar, no matter where you go.
           Some folks call it Dixie, I call it home

2.        As a young man, my aim was high
           I’d make my dreams come true
           Southern pride the quiver for my bow.
           Outlasting kings, and wars, it lives
           In every Southern soul
           The same pride years ago, grand-daddy had known.


BREAK These are the things, that always comfort me.
            Something way inside, something you can’t see.




  1. There’s a picture that’s taped
    To the old rec-room wall
    It’s spirit betrayed
    Looking lifeless and dull.


    2 It shows all my friends
       In the yard having fun
       Trading in mischief
       Big smiles, every-one.

CHO Where would I be without friends I have known?
         Through good times and bad. When winds sometimes blow.
         Wouldn’t be the man I turned out to be.
         How lucky I’ve been with my friends beside me

    3 A picture can’t show
       What a true friend can be
       A drink at the bar
      Warm words when in need


    4  They high-five my victories
        Scold when I’m wrong
        Over the years
        Like glue hardens the bond.


    5  Sometimes I’ll straighten
        That pictures bent sides
        The image reminds me
        How much that it hides.


1         I was never one to follow sports of any kind
           Always too busy, just never found the time
           But when the local baseball team fought and won it all
           My friends were standing 8 foot tall

CHO   They came to work all happy, went full-silly at the bar
           Glorious in blue, those jerseys that they wore
           Business suits were gone, flags were flying from their cars
           I wanna be full-silly, too.

2        The new season came, I was ready for the ride
           Bought myself that jersey, to all my friend’s surprise
           There we were in double-blue, seemed a million strong
           Cheering our boys of summer on

3       A few weeks in, the team was oh and ten.
           The champs would get to winning. Didn’t know just when
           Half the jerseys disappeared, but faithful I would be
           Get them on a winning streak.

4       The losing kept on coming, more jerseys were retired
           Pretty soon no one wore that ugly blue attire
           So onto Craiglist mine did go, the ending of my tale.
           Jersey hardly worn, now for sale.



Just the Raven’s Know

  1. The townsfolk still can hear her cries

        North of Winnipeg, many hundred miles
        A young life taken, many years ago.
        Near a graveyard where … just the Raven’s go.


   2. In between boys and teddy bears
       Just fifteen, and a life ahead
       A party ends. It was time to go.
       What evil struck. Just the Raven’s know.


   3. The killer left a bunch of clues
       Someone knows something but they won’t say who
       A young girl’s grievance just grows and grows
       Til the truth is told … just the Raven’s know.


   4. The cops, they called on every man
       Searching for Satan, and a strange white van
       It’s tracks long gone in October snow
       Who did this … just the Raven’s know.

Make it Monday

  1. There’s been some talk, folks writing songs
    Monday’s? Manic. Don’t belong
    The other workdays are somehow fine
    Easy on the daily grind.


   2  But I like Monday’s, tell you why
       Full of promise, where mysteries lie
       Like Friday’s too, don’t get me wrong
      But Mondays … that’s where dreams belong.

           Make it Monday …
           Heading in right now to earn my pay
           Monday’s. Only day the boss is late
           And Monday’s when that new girl drops by
           And takes my breath away.


    3  Some will say they like the end
        Money earned. Money spent.
        Nor me, no sir. Prefer the ride
        No beginning, and the journey slides.

           Make it Monday …
           Early in the morning, coffees poured
           Monday’s. When everything seems new again
           And Monday’s with water cooler told you so’s
           For games the day before


   4  There it is, I’ve said my piece
        Brand new start. Brand new week.

Sam Buck

  1. Samuel Buck woke up in an ice-cold sweat.
    Sleepy eyes snapped open, as he got dressed.
    He used to have the world in tow,
    … but how to pay back all he owed.
    Sam Buck just didn’t know.


    2. His day began like all the rest
        Luck was due, he’d gamble his last cent.
        Today his ship would sail on in
        He picked a horse named ”Money’s Thin’
        Sam Buck needed one big win.


    3. For two long years, Sam had losing picks
        Now he owed some mobsters really big.
        Around the town, they were known
        Easy money, but then you owed them.
        Sam Buck’s burden, gangster’s gold.


    4. The race track was muddy that fateful day
        “Money’s Thin” lost big. Sam sulked away
        A gang of tough’s in a big red van
        Jumped him when he turned and ran
        Sam D. Buck: Disappeared man.


    5. Some say he hid, then ran away.
        To others, an old landfill was his fate.
        Never heard or seen again
        By his family or his friends
        As if Sam Buck had never been.


   6. The urban legend would grow and grow
       Was Sam alive? Was he a ghost?
       The answer remains unclear
       Though townsfolk claim he does appear
       None can tell you when or where.


Then, There Were None

  1. The 63 left Coleman station
    Crowsnest Pass a mile ahead
    Chugging through the mountain bushes
    The cabin baked in the August sweat


    2 A one-eyed man stood up and threatened
       All on board -they sank in fear
       He was brandishing his weapon
       Two more robbers soon appeared.


    3 They filled their bags with money
        When done their vile deed
        Disappeared into the mountains


     4 The bandits ran away, and scattered
         One went south, two stayed in place
        Bellevue town became their refuge
        The Mounties took the chase.


      5 When cops saw two men dining
         At the town café
         Shots were fired, one thief lay dying
         But the other got away


     6 That vermin ran into the twilight
         Layin’ low. But it wasn’t long
        He was captured, and convicted
        At the gallows he was hung.

       With two in the ground
       The search went on. And then there was one


     7 He headed to the border
        Making his escape
        Til he pawned some stolen treasure
        He was spotted, lawmen came


     8 Its a hundred years and counting
        Train 63 was overrun
        Two crooks dead, one sent to prison
        And then there were none.


  1. A younger man, well he pays no mind                                    
    To the silent march of time.
    Driven by … a fire that burns
    To chase his grand design.


   2. His future is an unwritten book
       With dreams just youth can boast
       Along the way … somewhere time became
       Distant, unseen, remote

CHO   Oh, good time. My stubborn friend
           A childhood treasure, an old man’s soft lament.

   3. Once the years have come and gone
       And scars have slowed his strut
       He knows his time’s … just like precious pearls
       His curse, there’s not enough.

BR:      Early in the morning,
           A hundred whispered oaths
           Then evenings left to wonder
           Where did you go?


   4. And when that man’s old and walking slow
       With lessons won through time
       His grip still tight, though his body’s bent
       His eyes still opened wide



Walkin’ On

  1. The car’s all ready for the morning run
    I’m sitting back, at ease with what I’ve done
    Soon I walk away from what I’ve known
    A feeling I had once before … when I was young


   2. Lately things been stirring in my mind
       But it’s not like what those words might first imply
      Just there are times when a jump is right
      A bird is not a bird til it can fly.


CHO   So far I’ve toed the line, but here’s the thing
           Sometimes a chapter’s had its run
           Hard to say what … tomorrow will bring
           All I know is I’ll be … walkin’ on.


    3. Never saw the handwriting on the wall
        Truth is, there was no plan at all
        More like a beacon’s distant light
        Shining on my destiny … as I recall.


    4. The hourglass cup, it fills with sand
        Then when it flips. It fills again
        I’ll start my way ahead, one tiny step
        Without a backward glance or regret.



You Were Home to Me

  1. Now that the all the haze and dust has settled.

        And you’ve reached your destination,
        Arriving at one final stop.

        Now that all the heartache and the tears have dried
        And time has dulled the sadness,
        Wounds and cuts.

        Nothing lasts forever, so they say
        And yet I feel your love inside, unbroken…
        Every day

CHO You saw my best part
         Nonstop …. devotion, and a warm heart
         Through the years,
         You were Home to me.

         A  young boy growing
         Had refuge. When winds were blowing.
         Through thick and thin
         You were home to me.


     2. I remember when you’d take us to the water.
         And a drive in Dad’s old Chevy
         To a place we’d not … been before.
         Dreams like that-you had your share, all right!
         Adventures leading somewhere, roads were dark,
         You were the light.

         It’s funny. When I look down at my phone
         Waiting for your call and yet I know ….


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